Saturday, October 5, 2013

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My Color Obsession: Royal Blue

My whole life I have adamantly hated blue. Until I found this purse:

It was waiting for me on the T.J. Maxx clearance rack. (Side note: Has anyone else noticed how pricey T.J. purses have become? I miss the days of $25 bags.) I fell in love with the rich, sumptuous jewel tone, especially when paired with the slightly irreverent gold spikes. 

When I decided to refinish a credenza left behind by our house's former owner, I took inspiration from my handbag-of-the-moment. I opted for royal blue ("Royal Breeze") high gloss. This was going to be a statement piece (or as my husband might call it, a glowing blue beacon in the corner of the room). I love it. Which is a good thing, because Home Depot kindly gave me a full gallon of the paint, instead of the pint I asked for. 

Next came this Loloi rug, purchased from Tuesday Morning for just $150 (compared to a list price of more than $350). (The colors match in person. I promise.) 

Then came trouble. I realized it is almost impossible to find royal blue (or even cobalt) accessories. For months, my living room has felt incomplete, all of the blue notes clustered on one side of the room. 

At last, I found these Cynthia Rowley lanterns, which I hung from my mantel (again, they do coordinate in person). 

This still leaves one part of the room without blue. A few interesting possibilities...

Gates Lacquer Side Table

I've recently become obsessed with lacquered finishes (so Hollywood regency!). 
And I can't resist a funky end table, especially one that looks like a bird cage.

Hillary Thomas Rock n' Rolla Blue Velvet Finial 

I love unexpected flashes of color in a room. Even better if it's from a natural (read: non-gaudy) source, like these agate stones. What better place than the tops of your lamps?  

Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp

Industrial elements keep a room from feeling too frilly or contrived. A carefree color, like cobalt, keeps industrial accessories from feeling, well, too industrial.

Handwoven Stanza Cobalt Wool Rug

Coral pattern is as wild as animal print, but without the boudoir vibe. 


  1. Very interesting and fun. What room is this and did you do all this? Blue is my favorite color, hence my bedroom.