Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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The Homes of ABC's 'Nashville': Deacon's House

Source: thetennessean.com

I'm usually not one for TV dramas, but Tennessee is my home state. So I felt morally obligated to give the series "Nashville" on ABC a try. I was hooked immediately (even though some of the Southern accents are hilariously bad). 

I love the prominence of the city itself, and in particular, the gorgeous homes (actually in Nashville!) that were selected for the series. My favorite is the one occupied by Deacon Claybourne, the guitarist and former boyfriend of the country singer Rayna Jaymes. 

His 1920's stone home is located in historic Edgefield, an East Nashville neighborhood, at 619 Boscobel Street. The house next door is the place Scarlett, Deacon's niece, rents. (On the show, they aren't neighbors, though.)

Deacon's home on the left, Scarlett's on the right

The house has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, and about 1,700 square feet, and is valued at $270,000 by Zillow.com. This home was last on the market back in 2002, when it sold for just $120,000.

I love the masculine details, like the dark-stained woodwork, antique bowling pin, and mounted antlers. 

The tree trunk on the counter is quintessential Tennessee. When i was a kid, my mom kept a rough-cut marble slab, found in the woods, on her counter as a hot plate.


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