Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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20 Decorating Trends from the 1990s We Should All Forget


Growing up, my family's kitchen was the epitome of 1990s chic: a hunter-green sponge- painted border, goose contact paper lining the drawers, linoleum flooring. It's a look that should remain only in my memory, along with these 20 trends that should be banished for good: 

1. Wallpaper borders

2. Oak kitchen cabinets

3. Brass light fixtures

4. Oddly shaped Whirlpool tubs

5. Overstuffed sofas

6. Ivy-themed kitchens 

7. Obnoxious beds-in-a-bag

8. ANYTHING in hunter green (bonus points for an accent wall!)

9. Elaborate faux finishes and sponge painting

10. Pouf valances

11. The stuffed animal "pet net"

12. Hollywood vanity lighting

13. Inflatable furniture

14. Silk flower arrangements

15. Giant wooden decks (the more tiers the better!)

16. Celestial motif

17. Super-vaulted entryways with THIS chandelier

18. Dusty rose carpeting

19. Track lighting

20. Plaid sofa slipcovers


  1. Right on the money. lol. I'm buying a house from the 50s and thinking of updating it, but the thought that in just 10 years people will be looking at my 50k investment and laughing at how 2010 it is irks me.

    And part of me wants to join that movement to save 1950's decor and keep the personality of the house, but I cannot tolerate tiny pink bathrooms and boomerang countertops. :sigh:

  2. I was a young mother in the early 2000s and I was guilty of sponge painting, hunter green, pet nets and celestial themed bathroom. Don't forget the midnight blue and burgundy accents and GEESE everywhere in the kitchen.

    1. I didn't know that the geese were a trend! They were everywhere in my 1990's childhood home. I just thought it was a strange personal touch from the previous owner.

  3. I did so many of these when my husband and I bought our first home in 1998: celestial motif, valance, hunter green, OAK and yes, with our firstborn, the pet net. Still, I'd rather have 90s decor than 80s or 70s.

  4. I was a teen in the 90's and these were in everyone's houses. Don't forget the popcorn textured vaulted ceilings that grew spider web tendrils and made your knuckles bleed if you had to change a light bulb or ceiling fan. My parents still think this stuff looks good.

  5. But worse than anything '90s is 1980s Country. Shudder.

  6. I happen to like oak kitchen cabinets. The other things are definitely not to my taste.

  7. I have always liked the darker cabinets. But neutrals are sooo boring..

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  9. Love this! Yes - Spot on! I forgot the pet net. Don't forget: Window tiles, and anything that sort of dark brass and purpleish metallic. I wonder what is that official design name for that sort of country flower kitchen design...?

  10. I lived in a house about 5 years ago that had that exact whirlpool tub...OMG I loved it. I would take the best, most relaxing bubble baths ever. The best part was my husband who is 6'4 could also stretch out and relax in that sort of tub.