Friday, February 14, 2014

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I Need These Appliances, NOW.


I have nothing against stainless-steel appliances. They're clean, shiny, new. But I also like historic homes, and well, a gleaming stainless fridge isn't exactly period appropriate. Luckily, "period appropriate" doesn't have to mean vintage. Big Chill brand appliances look old, but have all the modern conveniences.

And they come in eight incredible colors. I love color. 

There's the retro refrigerator, which comes in standard or studio (read: compact) sizes:

I like this color, jadite, but other options include orange, red, baby blue, and even pink! 

And check out the pink stove! I'm dying!

These appliances might seem a little kitschy. But that's only until you see them in a well-appointed kitchen. They look totally classy. Even Scarlett Johansson agrees. She chose the pale yellow appliances for her kitchen:

The jadite set brings a touch of whimsy to this all-white kitchen:
And by itself, even the pink fridge isn't too much.

For color-phobic folks, there are always the white Big Chill appliances...

Paired with an apron sink, they look totally authentic.

Or there are the gray ones, if you prefer a vintage take on stainless...

I love them all! Now if I can just get past the $4,000 price tag...


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