Friday, April 5, 2013

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The Homes of ABC's 'Nashville': Rayna's House is on the Market!

Source: New York Times
'Nashville' character Rayna Jaymes (played by Connie Britton), a country singer married to the city's mayor, lives in this gorgeous Georgian mansion. It boasts an incredible 20,500 square feet and 24 rooms, and is currently on the market for $19.5 million. That makes it the most expensive home for sale in Belle Meade, one of Nashville's wealthiest neighborhoods. (For you Google Maps stalkers, the exact address is 1358 Page Road.)

The home had already been for sale a year when the show's producers approached the homeowner, Sylvia Roberts. Although Roberts' realtor was initially skeptical, he came around, telling a New York Times reporter, "I realized that we could never buy the advertising that the house is getting for free." Reps from the show refuse to disclose how much they're renting the place for.

The house was built in 1999, yet still manages to capture the charm of an old Southern estate, which is what attracted the producers. Jeff Kniff, the production designer, told the Times he was captivated by the painted portraits of the homeowner's children, the "keeping room" (a den off the kitchen), the cigar room, and the billiards room. 

The home's grand front entry hall is an astonishing 45 feet long.

Recognize this room? It's the home office where Rayna often meets with her (ex)husband and father.

The kitchen is one of the rooms the producers opted to rebuild on a sound stage. Here's ABC's version, which is about half the size of the original:

I love this recessed wood ceiling! So rustic, yet elegant.

The producers also recreated the home's French-style master bedroom on set. You can see the differences here:


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