Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Inside My Apartment: The Bedroom


I'm not afraid of color. In fact, as a general rule, I dislike white walls. However, I wanted my bedroom to feel like a relaxing escape, and white walls, when paired with white bedding, have a soothing, spa-like appeal. I left the paint color untouched, but to break up the monotony (and in homage to my profession), hung pages from a 1954 dictionary on the wall behind my bed. Then, I incorporated cool-colored accents throughout the space: green crystals hanging from the candelabra over my bed, a green coral accent pillow on my bed, turquoise cut glass candle holders, and a green patterned chair.  

My bedroom, annotated. (Click on the images to make them large.)


  1. Choosing a white color for your room creates an ambiance of a relaxing escape. The simplicity of the shade has a calming effect. It is a good thing that after a tiring day of work, you have a sanctuary in your home, where you can treat yourself with scented candles and aroma therapy. Your room has a very relaxing and spa-like ambiance.

  2. Good choice on selecting the furniture for your apartment, Laura. Your duvet gives it a simple, yet a hotel-like atmosphere in your room. Good job!