Saturday, April 21, 2012

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Inspired by Istanbul: Ikat Pattern!

My new ikat pillows
On my recent trip to Istanbul, I visited the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest (and oldest) covered markets in the world. I originally set out to buy jewelry, but I quickly spotted the gorgeous ikat pillows, made of silk and linen. The exotic zig-zag pattern is created through a combination of ancient dyeing and weaving techniques, yet it still has a modern aesthetic that I love. I managed to snag a pair for 90 lira, or about $50. It was a steal: The same Grand Bazaar pillows are sold online for $180 apiece. 

       The gorgeous pattern isn't confined to pillows. A few years back, ikat started showing up on runways, and more recently, it's begun trickling down to the design world, dressing everything from chairs to napkins to plates. While some designers maintain the tribal, natural-dye look of old-school ikat, others are experimenting with bolder, modern iterations of it. This new wave of ikat is both colorful and contemporary—the perfect way to add punch to your wardrobe or home.


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