Friday, April 27, 2012

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Animal House: Funky & Functional Accessories!

I don't like kitschy. But I do like quirky. I buy most of my home accessories at thrift storesmy apartment is scattered with an assortment of vintage toys, funky ceramics, and repurposed frames. In recent years, I've amassed a menagerie of animal-themed accessories: bird salt-and-pepper shakers, egg-shaped bowls, a candy dish with a finch perched on top. They add flair and humor to my space, without being cliché (like, say, a leopard print rug), and they're functional, not useless tchotchkes. 

A few weeks ago, I picked up a ceramic cow's head for four bucks at Goodwill. It's admittedly a strange piece, but I couldn't leave it behind. (Just look at those sad yellow eyes.) It's now mounted on my bathroom wall, where it serves as the perfect necklace hanger. 

Therein lies the secret: Shop for eccentric pieces that don't just take up space (especially if you live in a small apartment). That way, your quirky accessories look less like grandma's freaky clown figurines, and more like artful, organic design elements. 


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