Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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Destination Dallas: Construction Update!


We had a meeting with our builder last week, and he had some good news: Our house has officially reached the halfway mark! The framing is done, the electrical inspection happened yesterday, and the insulation will start going up on Friday. So far, the progress has seemed slow, with few changes each visit, but that's because the work has been mostly electrical, which doesn't exactly have the visual wow factor (except for Frank). 

Even so, it's fun seeing the house built from the ground up. 

One feature of the house that we loved was its two garages. It's not uncommon to have space for three cars in Texas garages, but often, they're what's called a "tandem" garage, where one bay is extra deep, allowing you to park two cars one on side. I much prefer having two separate garages, one with two spots, another with just one. We plan to use the single-car garage for Frank's workshop, unless, of course, I prove incapable of swinging my SUV into the two-car garage. 

For me, the interior's the most exciting part. Walking through the framed-out house, I have been able to get a better sense of the layout and the scale of each room, which allows me to imagine how I'll place my furniture (and decide what new pieces I need!). 

The photo above is a couple weeks old, but it shows the study, which is right off of the foyer, through the double door opening on the left. There's also a guest bedroom with a bathroom, a mudroom, laundry room, and a powder bath at the front of the house.

I was initially a little skeptical of the octagonal foyer, but now that I'm seeing it underway, I love it! It's spacious, unique, and will be the perfect showcase for my herringbone wood floor.

As you go deeper into the house, there's the dining room on the left, as well as a media room, a windowless space designed for a projector screen. The rest of the rooms have huge windows, one of my favorite parts of the house, to let the bright Texas sunshine in!

Study on one side, dining room on the other.

The pipes sticking up on the left are where the kitchen island will be. Frank is walking through the eat-in kitchen area. 

Although this picture is a little dark, you can see my favorite features in our living room: the cathedral ceiling and wall of windows. The next photo is of the same space (looking toward the kitchen), but much brighter!

It seems I forgot to photograph the rest of the house, so I'll have to save that for the next update! 


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