Thursday, September 20, 2012

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2012 Whoopie Pie Festival (and the World's Largest Whoopie Pie!)


I'd never even heard of a whoopie pie until I moved to Pennsylvania. When I first tried one, I was impressed, but only in the way that Little Debbie Raisin Creme Pies impress me. Apparently, though, the whoopie pie is a big source of prideand conflict—in the Northeast

The history of the whoopie pie, also known as the BFO (for "Big Fat Oreo"), is hotly debated. Maine recently named the whoopie pie its official dessert, and Pennsylvanians freaked. They claim the sweet treat can be traced back to some of Pennsylania's earliest residents. Amish women supposedly packed the pies in their children's lunches, and upon discovering the pies in their pails, they would joyfully shout, "Whoopie!" 

Residents of Maine, however, say that a woman working in local bakery baked spoonfuls of extra cake batter, then glued them together with frosting. This, they posit, was the first whoopie pie. 

I'll side with Pennsylvania, only because it means we get to host the annual Whoopie Pie Festival. The event, held in Pennsylvania's Amish Country, boasts more than 100 types of whoopie pies. Now that's something to brag about.

Confetti whoopie pies!
My pick? Orange cake with marshmallow fluff filling.  

It was quite delicious, although I made myself sick after eating the entire thing. (In my defense, I ate half of it, shopped at the Pottery Barn Outlet, then ate the other half. I thought that was sufficient time for my stomach to regroup.) 

A whole army of orange whoopie pies!

I was a little disappointed that were no samples available. I was left with only the saliva-inducing descriptions. Some of the more tempting options...

Want to make your own whoopie pies? Check out my post about Elvis Whoopie Pies. (My worlds collide! A Pennsylvania dessert with Tennessee-inspired flavors!)


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