Sunday, May 13, 2012

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Inside My Apartment: The Living Room

My living room design started with the curtains. I spotted them at a thrift store, and instantly fell in love with the bold, floral pattern (and the $20 price tag). Yellow is, admittedly, an odd color choice for living room curtains. But since there's no overhead light in the room, I wanted a splash of sunny color to wake up the space. To keep the yellow from feeling childish, I painted the walls a neutral color, Olympic Oyster Shell. I chose to leave the bay window walls off-white, so the little nook would feel distinct in such a large room.  

My living room, annotated. (Click on the images to make them large.)


  1. I LOVE your antique typing table! How I never find stuff like that at thrift stores??

  2. Love all your creative ideas. Looks so pretty!

  3. Love this! (And the kitty)!

  4. Nice collection of antiques. Are all your stuffs antique?

  5. Thank you, antique typing! It's a blend--I have some new stuff (like the couch), but a lot of the items are antiques.

  6. I love your barister bookcase! I have been searching for one. Is yours new?

    1. Thank you! My husband's office was cleaning out a floor, and gave away everything. So it was a freebie! Maybe you could try a used office furniture store?