Saturday, August 13, 2016

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4 Design Ideas for Gender-Neutral Nurseries


When I was pregnant, my due date seemed like a distant goal. But the gender reveal? That was something I could set my sights on—and so I did, religiously counting down the days until my anatomy scan. But apparently, not all parents are as gung-ho about the girl-boy question as I was: 51 percent of Americans say they think waiting until the delivery is the way to go—and shockingly, in my circle, plenty of super-patient parents are actually sticking with it: I know three pregnant ladies who aren’t finding out their little one’s gender (and one is even a first-time mom willing to wait!).  

My immediate response: If you don’t know the gender, how are you going to decorate the nursery?? (Because, clearly, deciding on a wall color is the most critical pregnancy concern.)

But the truth is, if you were to guess based on my daughter’s nursery decor, you’d probably assume I was one of the mommies who diverted her eyes during the 20-week ultrasound: Asa’s crib is yellow, her chifarobe teal, and her walls gray. As much as I love pink, I didn’t want to force my femininity on my newborn; something calming, sweet, and future-sibling-friendly seemed ideal. 

So what options are out there for the mom who can resist the 20-week gender reveal—but can’t wait to paint and pick out bedding? I put together four gender-neutral—but drastically different—potential looks for your little one’s room. 

The Look: Black & White

Black and white is known for stimulating babies’ vision. So why not deck out your nursery in the high-contrast look? Although sheepskin rugs are super-popular for kids’ rooms right now, I’ve made that mistake—and now have a dingy, matted-down rug in my daughters’ room. A zebra print cowhide rug delivers the same playful vibe, but with more durability.

The Look: Tropical Paradise

Pineapples were hot this season, cropping up on everything from pillows to dresses…to crib sheets! I love this printed sheet, because it’s cute but not kitschy, and the pair of tropical wall prints pulls together the sheets and the bright colors of the rug. 

The Look: Peaceful & Pastoral

I typically shy away from all-neutral rooms, but for a nursery, the look is more relaxing than bland. The animal accents add a whimsical touch to the otherwise understated room.

The Look: South-of-the-Border Chic

I was immediately drawn to this otomi-inspired crib quilt from Pottery Barn, which inspired me to design a chic nursery with south-of-the-border flair. The classic lines of the furniture keep the playful, bright accessories from feeling too loud. 


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